Additional Services

Additional Services
Additional Services

Express re-ordering

We provide a 7-day re-ordering service (limitations apply) for all existing fitted customers and new members joining the team.

Recycling Services (our core values)

At ecouture, we much prefer to use an existing suit from someone who has left the team. All our garments are manufactured with ample inlay (large seams) to adjust the garment up or down at least 2 sizes. We can reline garments (for hygiene) if required, the cost of this being a fraction of a replacement suit.

Valet alteration services

ecouture provides an express valet alteration service with a 24-48 hours turn around for reasonable sized quantities. All of our alterations are of the highest standard and will be returned to you, repressed and in the highest quality suit carrier.

Maternity Option

ecouture provides an alternative range of garments parallel to the brand with practical, comfortable adaptations to suit many customers in the early or late stages of pregnancy.

Dedicated Rebranding Service

ecouture have provided and currently provide a dedicated rebranding service with the ability to strip down in seam branding and rebuild the garment with alternative colour trim where required. ecouture also have the facility to remake all accessories such as scarves, ties etc.