Continuation Service

Continuation Service
Continuation Service

Our continuation service is a resourceful solution adapted to suit your budget requirements. The aim, to continue your corporate wear longevity for a further year.

E.g after one year, you may only have a budget that will not reach to replace the complete corporate outfit for the whole team.

You can call upon us to do an assessment of each team members outfit. From this assessment, we can achieve a clear picture of the condition of the garments and what they may need to bring them back up to a high standard.

Typical repairs

  • Replacement linings
  • Replacement sleeves
  • New front panels (or general panel replacement)
  • Button replacement
  • Pocket linings

In some cases, you may require single garments replaced but not the whole suit. At this stage, you may want to introduce a new style of suit into the collection.

Other examples of continuation

Many companies approach us (where they have purchased their suits from somewhere else) and their existing suppliers can’t supply the suits any longer. In this instance, we are able to copy the cloth of their existing suits and offer to continue making individual garments to the companies specifications for an extra year.