Tailoring Services

ecouture now provide one tailoring service, incorporating the benefits of all our old tailoring services rolled into one with additional new benefits.

This new service is called platinum service, which was launched on the 1st of January 2019.

Platinum Bespoke (heritage)
Full bespoke
Traditional tailoring
(full design service included)

Construction using hand sewn full body/chest canvases (men’s jackets), hand sewn linings and sleeves, high-quality inter-linings (domette). Traditional fitting sessions with two visits for fittings (basted), personal pattern cutting service and archive, fully inclusive alterations services, multiple pocket options, multiple style and fabric options. Discounted alteration service after delivery, free sampling service (limitations apply). All our garments are made in the UK

No size limitations, flexible fitting and re-fitting, regenerative services are included. fabric reservation express turnaround free call out for 1 year.

Additional Services (fully inclusive)
Free design service
Mid-season assessment
Our new discounted alteration service
Leasing options at www.myprotocol.co.uk

Our continuation service is a resourceful solution adapted to suit your budget requirements. The aim, to continue your corporate wear longevity for a further year. e.g. after one year. You may only have a budget that will not reach to replace the complete corporate outfit for the whole team. You can call upon us to do an assessment of each team members outfit. From this assessment, we can achieve a clear picture of the condition of the garments and what they may need to bring them back up to a high standard.

Typical repairs: replacement linings, replacement sleeves, new front panels (or general panel replacement), button replacement pocket linings. In some cases, you may require single garments replaced but not the whole suit. At this stage, you may want to introduce a new style of garment into the collection.

Other examples of continuation. Many companies approach us (where they have purchased their suits from somewhere else) and their existing suppliers can’t supply the suits any longer. In this instance, we are able to copy the cloth of their existing suits and offer to continue making individual garments to the companies specifications for an extra year.

(Large teams only) ecouture offers a fit assessment service for companies with high volume requirements (100+ people). The fit assessment is a chargeable service we offer, in order to provide a clear report of which staff members would fit into set size garments supplied by us with minimal alterations. The assessment would also give details of the people who would require bespoke tailored garments (individually cut and made for their body shapes). From this report our clients can benefit from a blend of mass-produced stock suits (in set sizes) and individually tailored garments, reducing the overall price and maintaining a high level of dress standard. n.b. Strict conditions apply to this service.