The Process

When making contact with ecouture for the first time, we will run through some basic questions over the phone or by email, leading onto an initial face-to-face meeting. At this meeting, we will listen carefully to your company requirements and current circumstances, for example you may be moving to new premises or merging with another company or even planning a complete rebrand and require our support with this.

On our second visit, we will focus on discovering the personality (focal direction of the brand). A great amount of attention is paid to selecting the correct styling, colours and trim for the ultimate appeal, which will then form the foundation for the new collection. We can advise you on the most suitable wardrobe choice and assist you with styling.

We will discuss the supply of services and whether you would wish to lease the uniform rather than purchase along with warehousing and your future reordering requirements.

Leasing options at my

The team at ecouture understand the importance of the final product presentation. Not only do our clients like an artistic impression, but the final product in the fabric and lining of their choice. This gives an honest picture of what will be delivered.

In order to provide a framework of production cost we will need to assess the basic requirements of the team. These are some examples: Would they like all trousers with their suits? Or all skirts? Are there part-time team members who require less suits? Are there maternity requirements? (specialised adjustable maternity dresses, skirts, trousers etc)A spreadsheet of all the requirements/ quantities are presented and a costing (quote) is based on this along with the service level chosen

Production takes place at our manufacturing base in Walthamstow London E17, where our team of bespoke cutters and tailors will produce the finest of bespoke singularly cut garments to the agreed design and specification. The process will take around 21 days. After this period the garments will be ready For Calico delivery, allowing 2-3 days for alterations, if required.

The partially completed garments will be delivered in high-grade suit carriers. A first fitting session will take place with the tailor, customer and manager. (We recommend the same manager be present where possible). The garments are basted and assessed for fit individually and all together to ensure all is correct and agreed. Small fine trim alterations may need to be made at this stage and this will be agreed and carried out promptly. (up to 3 days maximum). The final fitting session is then carried out, with the 3 parties involved and a signature will be required for acceptance from the customer and the manager. From this last process, we will achieve the final fit and look of the garments.