Why using branding is important

Why using branding is important

Branding is an extremely important aspect of creating your companies uniforms.

Branding is an intrinsic part of ecouture’s uniform process. ecouture has the ability to manufacture and source a range of accessories to apply brand colour to your corporate clothing from scarves, cravats, ties and hankies to cufflinks and ladies neck jewellery.

We can provide a range of digitally printed neck scarves with your company logo placed within a border. These are a great statement to make within the companies’ corporate wardrobes Accessory belts (plain coloured), fabric covered belts and buckles along with engraved buckles are all options available to add on for brand enhancement.

Our highly skilled machinists have developed techniques in applying your corporate brand colours into the seams of the garments along with buttonholes, pocket edging, vent inserts and many types of coloured stitch detail. This subtle detail is a fantastic way to add individuality to the companies’ brand.
Our design team are constantly updating in-seam branding methods to provide an inter-departmental visual brand link throughout. The branding can also be changed to comply with a corporate re-brand if required.

Covered buttons, engraved buttons along with a range of brand-specific logoed linings, logoed tags and embroidery can all be applied to the garments to enhance the brand and reduce tax liability on the staff members.